The Brigadeiro is a Brazilian treat made with cacao, condensed milk and butter. Brigadeiros are eaten a lot at birthdayparties just like Beijinhos and Cajuzinhos.


Ask Brazilian kids what they expect even more than cake at a party and their answer will probably be Brigadeiros.


Condensed milk was made in Brasil for the first time in 1921.

It created the chance to produce a cheap treat what was favorit with Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes.

He was one of the heroes in de revolution at the Copacabana Fort in 1922.


When Eduardo Gomes was a presidential candidate for Brasil in 1945 (The first year women also may vote!) the woman that supported him sold the chocolat treats during fundraisings.


Eduardo Gomes's campaignslogan was: "Vote no Brigadeiro, que é bonito e é solteiro" what means: "Vote for the Brigadier, who looks good and is single".


He didn't become president, but Brasil had a new name for the immens populair treat!